From Goose Ridge Estate Grapes

Vibrant, aromatic, and silky smooth, Vido Vodka is our grandfather’s vision, come to life.

Premium wine grapes harvested at the peak of perfection are distilled in small batches to yield a tantalizing sensory experience.

distilled in small batches

Distilled 24 Times

Pressed grapes ferment until the wine is considered “dry”— about 12-15 percent alcohol.

At this point the wine is pumped into the still where the alcohol is extracted from the wine through a

series of 24 copper distillation plates. When it reaches the top of the first column the alcohol is 120 proof. It then passes—in vapor form—into the second column where it reaches 190 proof.

Before the final filtration, the vodka rests for 5 days. It is then blended with pure water before being freeze-filtered 50 times, resulting in perfect clarity.

Distilled from Wine Grapes

Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard are one of Washington State’s premier vineyards, producing some of the finest grapes in the United States.

The grapes distilled to make Vido Vodka come from this remarkable 2,200-acre estate vineyard, located on a gently sloped site near the Red Mountain AVA.

Made in washington state

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